sound | familiar ?

We must have built one of these before

Someone’s overwritten my file

These files are out of date

These objects don’t meet BIM standards

I’m sure there’s a better version of this somewhere

we | can | help

Our vision has always been to create a platform that turns BIM object management into a quick and seamless process.

With content | studio, our vision is now a reality.

Say hello to the future.

Fast & Secure

Nobody likes waiting or losing data. With our database on Azure you don't have to do either.

Shared Content Groups

Similar project? Don't re-invent the wheel.
Create and share a kit-of-parts with your team.

Autodesk Revit Plugin

When it comes to Revit Family tools,
nobody does it better.

Content Libraries

Standard or custom, we've got you covered.

Fast & Powerful Search Engine

Less time looking, more time finding.

Automatic Thumbnail Generation

HD image previews, now showing.

Drag & Drop

Drop your objects straight into Revit.

Custom Fields

Populate the information that suits you.

Object Attachments

Add multiple file attachments to your objects.

Dashboards & Analytics

Make informed decisions with live data.

Batch File Upgrades

Let the machine do the mundane.

File Version Management

Evolve your library progressively
and with quality control.

Admin License Manager

Allocate licenses anytime anywhere.

Active Directory Sync

Manage users in one place.

Role-based permissions

Give the right people the right tools
at the right time.