Month: December 2015

Advanced Search & Saved Searches

Summary The advanced search tool is located on the ribbon within the Content Studio Revit plugin. It can also be accessed from within Revit via the Content Studio Search Pallet. It allows the user to perform detailed searches through the meta data stored within the Family’s Type information. It also provides extended functionality such as: …

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Batch Load Tool

Summary Batch load families allows you to create a group within the main application, then within Revit 2014 on-wards, load the entire group into the project. Steps 1. Create a group within the main Content Studio application and associate it with a specific library. 2. Right click listings from the library and choose ‘Add to …

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Request Content Tool

Summary The ‘Request Content’ tool is located on the ribbon within the main Content Studio application. It serves as a collaborative communication platform to request content which may be missing from your library.  Only your company has visibility of your own requests and other users are able to take ownership of the requests when they …

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