Advanced Search & Saved Searches


The advanced search tool is located on the ribbon within the Content Studio Revit plugin. It can also be accessed from within Revit via the Content Studio Search Pallet. It allows the user to perform detailed searches through the meta data stored within the Family’s Type information. It also provides extended functionality such as:

  1. Find families with missing meta data and compile a list of items to fix
  2. Perform deep scans through type catalogues as well as embedded type parameters
  3. Filter by minimum ratings
  4. Search by Author
  5. Search by ‘Last updated by’ i.e. the moderator
  6. Use wild cards ‘Contains’ ‘Does not contain’
  7. Save complex search criteria for quick retrieval
  8. Filter by Revit category
  9. Filter by Revit version
  10. Search unapproved listings as well as approved listings

Opening the Advanced Search via the Content Studio add-in within Revit

  1. Navigate to the Content Studio tab (Revit 2014 onward), or the add-ins tab (Revit 2013 and earlier).
  2. Left click the Search icon to launch the Search Pallet.
  3. Choose the library you prefer to search.
  4. Click the Advanced Search button.

Opening the Advanced Search via the Main Application

  1. Launch Content Studio.
  2. Activate the library you prefer to search from the tree view on the left.
  3. From the Ribbon, choose Advanced Search

Performing an Advanced Search

  1. Set the criteria of your advanced search as required (Note: You must set a single category to search).
  2. When searching parameter ‘values’, you must set a parameter ‘name’ first (or part thereof) to narrow the search criteria. Simply searching for a value of say ‘400’ without setting a parameter name would return irrelevant results.
  3. Optionally include or exclude searching through type catalogues (when checked searches are slower).
  4. Click ‘Search’ to begin the search. The results are returned in the Search Pallet window.

Saving Advanced Search Criteria

  1. To store the search criteria click ‘Save Search…’
  2. Give the search a meaningful summary name, i.e. Lights_Ceiling-Based_100w the click Add to save the search.
  3. To retrieve the search, simply click the name in the list and the criteria will be preset.

Browsing and Loading the returned results

  1. To review the results of your search (within Revit), click the ‘Close’ button to revert back to the Search Pallet.
  2. To review the results of your search (within the Content Studio Main Application), click the ‘Close’ button to revert back to the List view or Thumbnail view.
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