Batch Load Tool


Batch load families allows you to create a group within the main application, then within Revit 2014 on-wards, load the entire group into the project.


1. Create a group within the main Content Studio application and associate it with a specific library.

2. Right click listings from the library and choose ‘Add to Group’

3. Launch Revit and open your project.

4. Navigate to the ribbon > Content Studio > Batch Load

5. Choose your library from the dropdown

6. Any groups associated with that library created by you will appear in the next dropdown to select a group.

7. Decide if you would like to include or ignore type catalogues when loading the families

8. Review the available families to load and select all or manually select a range of families from the list.

9. When ready click, Load into project and read the prompts.

10. If you have included families with Type Catalogues, you can now select these in the dialogue box and select a range of types for each family before loading.

11. After loading the families, the log file will be displayed where you can review any families which failed to load.  If there are no families which failed, all of your families will have been successfully loaded into your project.

12. To check your families have been loaded, expand the ‘Families’ section of the project browser to verify the families are present.

If any families already exist in your project with the same name and category they will appear green in the batch loader.

If you load any families which already exist in your project, they will overwrite along with any parameter values. To update families with more control, please use the ‘Reload Families’ tool instead.

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