Download Content Studio 2018 v6.5.1 Now!

Content Studio 2018 v6.5.1 is Now Available for Download!
Release Notes:
Content Studio 2018 v6.5.1

20th November 2017


  • Pressing enter now starts search.
  • Delayed search turned off.
  • Open in Revit version now displayed for groups.
  • Bulk action added to ‘Remove from group’.
  • You can use content studio 50 more times message in plugin now changed to use connection helper.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix to WIP deleting the default listing.
  • When submitting a listing and auto approving a listing that is already pending for that user it is now approved rather than set to pending.
  • When editing a listing after clicking next the search does not restart from the beginning.
  • When clicking expand tree node the search is not started.
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