Content Studio 2019 v6.9.1 is Now Available for Download!
Release Notes:
Content Studio 2019 v6.9.1

14th December 2018

New Features:


  • Open in… feature improved, drop-down now opens in same session.
  • Initial app loads speed improved.
  • Work in Progress file path now predefined.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Scaling issue causing only 3 layout cards to be displayed on screen.
  • Fixed unhandled Active Directory error resulting in not being able to invite AD users with ‘ in the name.
  • When inviting a new user validation not firing when checking a role was selected resulting in misleading error stating ‘could not connect to remote server’ now fixed.
  • Fixed bug on main search when clicking ratings a down arrow would appear.
  • When clicking Pending search whilst an initial search had not completed misleading results /state returned, now fixed.
  • Resolved bug when approving a pending listing via pending menu causing pending listing to be deleted.
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