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Download Content Studio 2020 v7.0.8 Now!

Content Studio 2020 v7.0.8 8th Nov 2019 Bug Fixes: Batch Upgrader copies Thumbnail from previous version to avoid Revit missing thumbnail issues. Groups panel scroll bar activates correctly when more groups exist than can fit on the screen.

Batch Update Thumbnails Automatically

Batch update and fix incorrect thumbnails automatically Ever wished you could automate the correction of thumbnails in your Revit Families? Tired of opening individual families and having to force them to save on a Thumbnail view you have created countless times in the past? Look no further as we have now implemented a new feature …

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Content Studio Awarded Best Add-in

Last week we came 1st in Revit Add-ons Editor’s Choice Awards. Achieving this recognition helps motivate us to continue our hard work. Thank you! “Content|Studio is a polished gem of an add-in that not only includes a family browser but also enables content management in a quality controlled environment, and it does so by enabling …

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