Support Service Response Levels

All incidents logged with Content Studio support will be allocated a severity level based on the following ITIL approved method.

Technical support staff will determine and assign the appropriate severity level of each incident raised.  A change to incident severity must have an update included explaining the reason the level was changed. The severities and response times are used as a guide only and are subject to change and resource availability.

Severity Definitions are as follows:

Level 1 – Critical—(Severe Business Disruption)

The business unit or sub-unit is unable to operate; critical system component failed or severely impaired (Response 1 Hour)

Level 2 – High—(Major Business Disruption)

Critical user or user group unable to operate, or the business unit is experiencing a significant reduction in system performance (Response 3 Hours)

Level 3 – Medium—(Minor Business Disruption)

A single user is unable to operate with no available work around (Response 8 Hours)

Level 4 – Low—(Minor Disruption)

A single user or user group is experiencing incidents, but work around is available. (Response 24 hours)

Level 5 – Planning (Response 48 Hours)

All othet issues will be treated as Level 5

Hours of Support

Content studio support is provided between the hours of 9am-5pm Greenwich Mean Time. All response and fix times correspond to these hours. Any incident raised outside of the hours of support will effectively be inactive (stopped) until the hours of support resume. For example a Level 1 incident raised at 6pm GMT should receive a response by 10am the following day (see definitions).


“Content Studio Service Desk” means the desk operated by Content Studio to provide initial contact to the customer in relation to all and any events relating to the use or access of the Application.

“Response Time” means the period from when an event is logged by the Content Studio Service Desk to the time when a Content Studio Analyst processes the call in accordance with the Support Service Response Level.

“Scheduled Downtime” scheduled maintenance of equipment or software (including operating systems patches and updates) where no less than two (2) days’ notice has been given to the Customer.

“Service Hours” means 24 hours per day, seven days per week including all UK and Statutory Bank Holidays.


1.1 Content Studio shall ensure that the Application and services will be available during the Service Hours in accordance with this Agreement.
1.2 Measurement of service levels will be based on the ability of the Content Studio application and associated services to be accessed by the customer during the Service Hours subject to any Scheduled Downtime or Service Level Exclusions as detailed below.


2.1 Content Studio shall notify the customer in advance, usually no less than one week and in any event no less than 48 hours, by email of any Scheduled Downtime.